Kirkland Tees

Let’s get right to it this morning. Today’s product review is the Kirkland Tee from Costco. I believe I paid $16.39 for a package of 4. In one word #fail.


Notice anything wrong with this picture? Perhaps the 3 inch white arm of the Kirkland Tee protruding from beneath my shirt? Who the hell sized this friggin’ thing? Am I supposed to roll them up with a pack of cigarette’s befitting of James Dean? Was I supposed to cut them to fit? Did I accidentally grab the trailer trash model, or perhaps this is the gangsta fit? What this picture also does not show is that I have the bottom of the shirt tucked beneath my butt cheek, which would be ideal if I perhaps lived in Iqaluit and needed the extra layer of warmth for my tuukus…

This is what happens when you have clothing made in Asia. They do not have the concept of size “large” in comparison to the typical North American and make these miscalculated assumptions as to correct sizing for their market. It’s almost as if they have decided that the sleeves, and length of the shirt be increased based upon some 5:1 ratio instead of a typical 1:1 ratio. The only place you are going to see something whose arms are as long as the torso is at the primates exhibit at the friggin’ zoo.

On the other hand, I am happy to report there are a couple positives to my review. The cotton used to make this shirt is quite soft and thick, and the tagless feature is also great at helping avoid inappropriate touching in the workplace should I have a fashion malfunction.

In conclusion, the Kirkland Tee is a well built, but misproportioned tee-shirt suitable only for thse of the lanky beanpole persuasion and not suitable for the average North American build. Thankfully I bought 8 of them that I am stuck with having to make alterations too. The bright side is the modifications should make my biceps look bigger… like I needed that!

Rating: 7 #facepalms out of 10


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