I love boobies!

Ever stop to wonder why it is that we are attracted to boobies? I know they are amazing, yummy, tantalizing, mammorific and straight up fantastic; but I mean at a subconscious level. How is it that fun bags made of skin each with their own dark protuberance cause us to forget our names, blindly walk into oncoming traffic and generally lose all intelligent thought within an instant?

I thought about it just the other day for about 8 seconds. This is how long it took for boobies to arrive on the scene and for me to lose my train of thought.

I guess the only way for me to come to a conclusion would be to spend a large deal of time alone in the boobie free Arctic Tundra. The problem there you can see is that there are no bobbies, and who really wants that.

I guess it will have to remain a mystery. Do we really need an answer anyways?

Loving boobies always,



  1. Glad there are no “bobbies” in the Arctic Tundra..they might arrest me for looking at “boobies” πŸ™‚

  2. /facepalm

    I guess in all the excitement of boobies I had a typo. I ooven edited my riding…

    I actually spent the better part of an hour looking at various boobies and I forgot what I was doing… well, except for the looking at boobies part.

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