225 to Florida

Each journey has to start somewhere. This journey started this morning when I tipped the scale at 225 pounds, and ends with me at weigh-in next October in Florida for the 2012 World Kickboxing Association World Championships. The moment I step off that scale, the battle begins.

This will be no easy battle, as the World championships are on North American soil, the Nationals used to qualify for the Canadian team will be the biggest it has ever been.

It is my intent to capture my adventure in a series of 1s and 0s to view progress, stay motivated and to possibly motivate others. I get really excited for the day when that final ring bell has rung and I can look back to this initial entry to see where I once was and where I am.

Getting healthy can be much more difficult then one may think. Unless you have lived inside the mind of another there is no ground to stand on and judge. There is much more to it then eating and working out, especially when there is life to balance. Lucky for me I no longer drink or smoke which makes things much easier, and less stank.

This is it, I’m putting myself out there, well, much of myself anyways. I will decide along the way how I do this.




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