Topographic Maps Canada

Wow! Never before has an iPhone app instilled in me the excitement and amazement of a child at Christmas. App Store – Topographic Maps Canada

My app search began ahead of the expected arrival of the GPS unit I had ordered online. Geocaching, Topographic maps were my search criteria. I came across a Topo app which carried a price tag of $7.99 and decided to keep looking. I then stumbled across a free app which appeared to have much the same bells and whistles and decided this would be a great place to start.

I began to download a few maps and mark my waypoints. What a great lightweight FREE app. I had access to Canada wide topographic maps as produced my NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) at the touch of my fingertips. With a click of an imaginative button, I was given the satellite image of my location.

There aren’t any major issues I have with this app. Obviously, you need cell phone service to use location services, but you can view maps offline. I would make a minor tweak myself, providing the ability to take a picture and have it associated with a location.

All in all this is a very cool app! Great for geocaching and to avoid getting lost in cell phone range.

Yours in topography,



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