Harry Potter and the Wrackspurt Muggles

There is no doubt that each of us, at some point in time has been told by a parent, teacher, police officer to grow up, to act our age or some other Muggle comment directed towards our behaving or acting as one much younger than the age that appears on our drivers license. I ask why anyone would want to grow up in the first place? Whats the point of acting all drab, boring and conservative?

For those of you not in the know, a Muggle is a term used to describe a non-magic person as first written by JK Rowling in the Harry Potter series of books. Let me say that there is no shame in being a Muggle, but the alternative is a much more fun way to live. The power is within you to find a little magic in your life and change your Muggle ways.

“Harry Potter is a kids book.” Spoken like a true Muggle. My belated condolences, I must have missed the obituary the day your inner child died; I was probably out making fart noises or laughing uncontrollably at some joke or memory in my head from a week ago. Fortunately, there is still time to revive your inner child, to fill your life with youthful happiness (perhaps a little unbridled enthusiasm, +5 points to Gryffindor for the obscure Seinfeld reference). Now, I’m not suggesting you quit your job and spend the rest of your life eating paste ; I’m saying that you need to make a little time, have a little place to go within your imagination that allows you stay young. To take the proverbial broomstick out of your butt.

The possibilities to resuscitate your inner child are endless. I could suggest picking up an adult coloring book or put the idea in your head to dress up in a puffy shirt, like a buccaneer (+10 points to Gryffindor for the second obscure Seinfeld reference) and head out to your local watering hole for some rum, perhaps a pillage. However, I am going to roll with the Harry Potter theme I’ve started on and suggest, recommend and even insist you read the Harry Potter series to help you feel young at heart as you once did.  For those who have just landed on this planet; Harry Potter is about a boy whose parents were murdered by a dark wizard, he was raised by his douche bag aunt and uncle and discovers on his 11th birthday that there is a world of magic that exists and he is in fact a famous wizard. The Harry Potter series is easy to read, highly entertaining and very well written. The story is both kid and adult friendly; Harry is 11 years old when the story starts and the content and situations grow with Harry and the young reader. When you’ve read the series, not only will you be part of a world where we remain young for as long as we choose to believe, you will get the Delores Umbridge references to that lady at work nobody likes, you will understand what it means when someone tells you their Pratronus Charm is a Foghorn Leghorn (yes, this is my Patronus) and you’ll  certainly understand the comment that mischief has been managed.  If you still aren’t sure, maybe you can read it with your kids; give them the gift of reading and the Harry Potter world as well as help take the Wrackspurts out of your brain at the same time.

My wife and I headed home from Hogwarts or where you Muggles would call Mallaig. A camera does not, a professional photographer make.

While Muggles are in a rush to grow up and take themselves and life too seriously, the rest of us are left to channel our inner Wizards and Witches whenever we wish. It allows us to live life young, to stay young at heart, to avoid feeling as old as our birth certificate would have you believe. There really is nothing to gain from locking your inner child in the closet beneath the stairs, its time for you to open your Hogwarts acceptance letter… it is available for each of us, we just need to open it.

For the record, I have not yet been to any of the Harry Potter theme parks but they are in the works (Florida, USA and London, UK). I do have prescription reading glasses shaped like Harry Potter glasses and do have a scar about my left eye (hockey injury)… no it is not shaped like lightning  bolt.


Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. -Chili Davis


Wrackspurts image source: http://giphy.com/gifs/hp-hbp-luna-lovegood-2ief6DzmyHaU0


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