The Atkins Diet – What it actually is.


Ever mention to someone that you are doing <insert diet name>, only to have them tell you that as soon as you stop eating like <insert diet name> you are only going to gain the weight back? atkins

The Atkins Diet often draws out these comments. It is always best to point out to this person that this holds true for any meal plan, diet or whatever else people use to define proper / healthy eating. If you throw away all concept of restraint and begin eating like a pregnant bear with two weeks left to hibernate, of course you are going to gain weight. If you “eat healthy”, then you stop all of a sudden, you will gain weight regardless of how you ate before. Also part of this assumption is that you intend on avoiding all carbs, for the rest of time. This also is a clear indicator that they actually have no idea what the Atkins Diet is and are speaking out of their opinion. You can point that out as well, then point them to this blog post.

/drop mic.

Now, I’m not here to point out every little detail of the diet, you can head to for that or hop on the information superhighway (do we still call it that?) and Google your brains out until you have had your fill. I’m  here to give you just enough information to not look like an asshat the next time someone says they are “Doing Atkins”.

The Atkins Diet is comprised of 4 phases; the initial induction phase kicks off ketosis, a metabolic process whereas the body burns fat for energy. Salad vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese and healthy fats, such as olive or coconut oil. Carbs are then slowly added as you progress through the various phases; berries, nuts and legumes, eventually whole grains like oatmeal and even bread and potatoes. The final and fourth phase is really a lifestyle, a guide for how you should eat…forever…until you die or decide that you are going to give hibernation a try. The ketogenic aspect of the diet is done and you eat a diet with < 100g of carbs a day (fibre not included). You essentially become a low-carb eater. ( “Low-carb” also fits into the category of drawing unrequested advice from those who go through life making wild and unfounded assumptions.) The fourth phase is all about healthy eating and is quite possibly similar to the meal plans of our “healthy diet eating assuming friend”, but they never took the time to research the actual diet; they just plucked  all they needed to know out of thin air.

Each of us is different and we each have different needs.  Healthy eating is all about finding  what works well for you and your body. As someone who has sensitivities to all things sugary and doughy with goodness, I find that the Atkins lifestyle works well for me. I am a runner, have my black belt in Karate, I kickbox and play hockey and I’m never in a position where I need a whack ton of carbs to make myself go; I can actually do all of these things during the induction phase with a minimal amount of carbs. Nobody knows my body better than I do, so why would I let someone else’s opinionated view dictate my actions?

/pics up mic

/drops mic





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