Stay in Wonderland, or see how deep the rabbit hole goes?


A handful of posts and some online continuing education courses in Creative Writing at Algonquin College, and I’m ready for the big time. What I don’t know is, where exactly this “big time” is.

I’m going to leverage this space, to help determine how deep this rabbit hole goes. I know that I have an opinion, a thought, a comment and a voice on anything and everything; being a writer means that you capture these thoughts on some form of readable or audio media for others to read (listen to) and hopefully enjoy. Making a living as a writer means that people will continually pay to read what you have to say, and the ideas must never stop. Unfortunately, 140 characters just won’t cut it, neither will witty status updates. A good writer has to know their audience as well, so I’m going to bank on that last sentence not going astray.

There are many forms that a writer can produce. I intend to explore those that interest me, identify the pros and cons of each, find learning resources, understand the market associated to each, along with the financial viability and perhaps discover some new formats I have not yet discovered. The added bonus is that I should wind up with a portfolio of my work,  perhaps help shed a little light to others who might be in the same boat and if I’m really lucky… find myself smack dab in the middle of a major movie production starring myself as the lead character.

Since I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy a good list, let’s get this party started with a list of the writing formats that I may find interesting to do as a living. These will form the basis of exploration.

  1. Author (Fiction)
  2. Copywriter
  3. Blogger
  4. Freelance writer
  5. Technical writer
  6. TV show writer

A good start, now time for a coffee. Writers always drink coffee; often times at Starbucks, with their MacBooks at the ready, to capture an enduring thought or a moment of revelation that must be shared with the world, or maybe a list of groceries that need picking up. That reminds me, I need to buy myself a MacBook and a loaf of bread.



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