Rise of the Chicken Men

Still want to skip leg day?
Still want to skip leg day?

Ottawa is slowly giving rise to a new population of men. Chicken men. The chicken man phenomenon is directly related to the lack of men in the gym on leg day. Big barrel chested dudes who can bench impressive poundage, but can’t squat down to pull up a pair of tube socks. Even if they could muster the strength the squat on a pair of socks, they lack the muscle to actually keep them up. Dudes so big up top, you would think they will eventually fall over when their pipe cleaner legs are no longer able to support their brawny upper. The ladies who fall for this terribleness are only helping pave the way to Chickendom. Big chest, big arms, can’t run to catch the bus.

Squats are arguably the single most effective exercise one can do to build overall body strength. Squats hit the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back, obliques, core, shoulder, arms. They  work the whole body as a single unit. If you still aren’t convinced; squatting releases testosterone and muscle growth hormone, helps burn fat, boost endurance and increase explosiveness for sport.

Yet, for some reason, despite all the benefits of squatting, the gym is still empty on leg day and the population of Sponge Bob Square Pants shaped men is increasing. So ask yourself, “Do you even squat?”




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