Get Motivated to Gym!


You have no power here!
You have no power here!

Grammar Nazi alert: Gym in the post title is being used as a verb, so take your rules to where someone cares… like an English class!

Let me start by saying that this is the first of what could be many motivational posts intended to motivate myself and hopefully others and can be applied to many things in life that require us to get motivated to accomplish.

I’d also like to make the distinction that getting motivated to gym and staying motivated are two different things. I don’t have a hardened timeline that can be applied to each, and the scenarios for one over the other are certainly endless. But, let’s start by saying that if you have not worked out in the past 7 days, you need to get motivated. On the other side of the coin, if you have worked out once in the past 7 days, you need to stay motivated to ensure you keep at it. I will also define working out as a performing an activity over and above normal daily routine, with the intention of changing ourselves physically. This content of the definition will differ for everyone. For some it will mean going for a walk each day and for others it may mean lifting weights or learning to jog on a regular basis.  Do not worry about the starting point of others,  focus on yourself. Now that we have some clarity around the definition, let’s talk about getting motivated to gym.

When it comes to getting motivated to working out, there are two types of people. The first are those that are naturally motivated;  I can’t speak for these people as I am not one of them. The second category are those of us who struggle to find the motivation to start.  This may include some who struggle with weight and possibly many who have been trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle for a multitude of reasons may they be spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, etc. Perhaps depression has taken hold and it has been far too long since you’ve known happiness.  For many, it is often perceived to be easier to just stay the course than change directions even though the course is one of evil and sadness.

The advice that I have used, that I continue to use and that I offer to others is a simple concept to define. It is no doubt that things are easier said than done, but when you finally achieve motivation the rewards are endless! Do we not desire to be happy? To love life and all aspects of ourselves. Is something worth having, not worth fighting for?

My advice to those who have been angry for too long, for those who have struggled to find happiness, for those who have watched themselves fall deeper into darkness… Channel that anger, fuel the change with the fiery rage that burns deep inside. Hold onto that hell that has blanketed you for too long (preferably by the throat). Allow yourself to harness that negative energy to drive change. Yell! Scream! Fight against the part of your brain that has been in power for far to long. Tell it that it has no power here! Buried deep within the darkness there is a light, the light of change that has stood helpless. Tell yourself that you are done holding yourself down. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Start small. Take that anger of yours and go for a walk. Walk with purpose, each step you take empowers yourself and makes the light burn brighter, hotter. Grab that gym membership that has been collecting dust for the past 6 months and do a class, hit the dumbbells! Each weight you push, pushes you towards freedom. Don’t worry about a plan, it will come. Just GO! NOW!

When you return from that workout, embrace the positive feelings; spiritual, physical and emotional. Are they not far better than continuing to live in darkness? You took the first step, the hardest step and for that you should feel a great sense of accomplishment. Ride and extend that high by planning your next workout. Create a calender event in your smartphone; preferably your iPhone. Don’t try to do everything at once, keep it simple. Don’t set yourself up for failure by taking on too much to start. I like to do things in two week blocks, so I know I have traction before moving onto the next hurdle. Set short and long term goals that are realistic such as walking each day for two weeks and eventually walking 5km; perhaps sign up for a charity race / walk to help motivate. Find ways to clean up your diet, perhaps try a kickboxing class or join a gym. Taking baby steps towards a goal will get you closer to your achievement than standing still or moving backwards. Let that anger and rage propel you forward, because it has done nothing good by driving you back.

*Any and all gyms or martial arts schools ( will give you a FREE try-out and will be able to help you with your physical and nutritional goals. What have you got to lose? Don’t worry about looking silly, we are all noobs at some point. We all had to face that breaking in period where we really didn’t know what we were doing. Laugh at yourself, enjoy the experience. We’ve all been there.




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