Never giving up!

It’s one thing to have goals, it’s another thing to actively pursue them. Now, it would be unfair to say I haven’t been doing anything toward achieving my writing goals, but I’ve done everything but actually write.  I want to blog continually, as well as write a novel. Oddly enough, I’ve been procrastinating by taking a number of online writing courses. I also continue to plan my first story, but fail to actually get it down on paper. I’ve also spent many hours locating the proper pencils and legal size flip-top coil notebooks for the moment I am ready to break my silence. They remain untouched. I have created somewhat helpful hurdles for myself, but I put greater distance between myself and my goals. Perhaps I fear the end may not be the result I have built up in my head. How can I fail if I never start? Writing is about trial and error. You see what works and you change what doesn’t. I’m quite sure no author in existence ever sat down and delivered the final draft their first time through, but for some reason I let that straight-jacket me from writing.

The good thing about dusting of my blog is that I have gotten back on the proverbial horse. Let’s hope I don’t fall off!

/horse riding music


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