A Kilted Scott

If I wanted to throw out an idiom and if it was accurate to say this is my third go at it; I hope this is a blog that becomes a charm.

Why am I here? I like to write. Plain and simple. My brain is filled with healthy supply of literary matter and I need that proverbial push to get it out and on paper. It makes no sense to jot notes, email myself ideas, take a writing course, have aspirations to write and to actually not write. If I can just get that snowball rolling, then it should make it easier to actually get things moving faster with some weight behind it.

Why are you here? Well, I should hope that you find what I have to say of some interesting on some level, yes, even on ground level.

I apologize in advance for my grammar. I will ensure that should I one day go to print that I have a team of forensic grammarists looking over my shoulder at every key click.

As for my blog title, that’s an easy one.  My name is Scott.  I have a strong love of my Scottish roots and I own three kilts, therefore I am a Kilted Scott.




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