Working for the Government Means Selling Your Soul

I would like to correct anyone who thinks working for the government means hitting the lottery. I’ve never heard of a lottery where you actually have to pay out the winning. The cost is your sanity and your soul; I should have asked for payment upfront. At least working for my current department is like that. Stupid ass’d directions and decisions made one after another define why I never wanted to work for government in the first place. I feel like I sold myself out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with some great people, have received training in new technologies and been lucky to move around freely from position to position without having to navigate my way through the tedious and expensive competition process (Don’t get me started on that!). Job security exists to an extent now that the economy has taken a beating in recent years but that’s not enough to go by. Nothing was handed to me, but opportunity was presented for me to take hold of and for that I am appreciative.

My beef (I’m not even sure what that means, really) is that 90% of decisions made by senior management are ridiculous and go against common sense and personal ethics. Typically, they are based upon initiatives that are rewarded by year end bonuses. How can I sit idly buy watching money, my tax payer money being ill-spent. March shopping sprees, senior officials using coffers as their personal piggy bank, forcing employees to take training which they have already taken. I just can’t stand this shit any more.

What does it say for me if I just stand around and not do anything. I vote, but that doesn’t appear to affect the stupidity at ground level within departments. Someone has to lead the charge. The Berlin wall didn’t fall on it’s own. Middle Eastern countries are fighting back and winning. The time has come for me to take a stand from the inside no matter how small they are. My morals are questioned every day and I have had enough.

I can only hope that my common sense begins to infiltrate the minds of others who will for once open their eyes and see that a change is possible but it takes a start. A stone does not begin to roll down hill on it’s own, it needs a push. It may take time, but even a small victory is a step in the right direction. With one stone rolling, it will hit another and progressively cause an avalanche of change.

If shit really gets fugged up, the private sector is always an option. More so if the economy weren’t in shambles. When I do the math, putting up with and remaining quiet through all the bull shit for 30 years does not equate to any retirement package I will receive. What if i die along the way? You have to live for today, not for retirement. I do see the fun of stickin’ it to the Man though. Let’s head down that path and see where that takes us. Perhaps on Parliament Hill with a tent and a Christmas tree #OccupyStupid

Merry Christmas!

PS: If anyone wants to throw some business ventures at me… hit me up!



    • And your a douche bag hoo has no frends, wuts ur point?

      I guess WordPress bloggers cannot avoid grammar nazi’s and internet trolls…

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