Merry Christmas All Christmas Haters!!!

Attention to all you lefty social bilingual pushing non-score keeping mark-free anti-Canadian douche bags!

Merry Christmas! That’s right, I do not know what a holiday festive season is, nor do I want to, nor will I! I’m also keeping score and it’s already 11-0, and you are also quite wrong.

Seems these days your river of stupidity flows heavy. Another local elementary school has cancelled the Christmas pageant, this time replacing it with a holiday season craft fair. I am thankful I do not have kids who attend this school and the principal should also be thankful, I love to yell. Why not make it easy and tell them there is no Santa Claus, think of how much money you would save not having to buy gifts or a Christmas tree.

Tim Hortons, a Canadian icon apparently no longer makes a holiday themed cup and I am investigating this to confirm. Reports online have already confirmed, but I need to see it with my own eyes.

Words cannot express how pissed this makes me. You jack holes are afraid of offending Jewish and Muslim Canadians; they don’t give a rats fart! Many have embraced the Canadian traditions and celebrate it themselves!

Nobody is actually offended you morons! Correction, I’m offended that Christmas is quickly being destroyed by actual homegrown Canadians right in front of our eyes and we stand here like clowns with tinsel up our asses.

Enough is enough! I am taking war against those who take war against Christmas! The line in the snow has been drawn. Anyone asking me to not be merry or mention Christmas, elves, Santa, tinsel or anything Christmas related can go to hell! I no longer accept your opinion, and will go out of my way to add a Merry Christmas twist to everything you do!

Stand with me brothers and sisters, bare your gay apparel as we deck the halls and ride in a one whores open sleigh! Christmas is here to stay! Baby Zombie Santa Jesus didn’t return from the grave to be shamed by Christmas haters!

Merry Christmas,



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