Weight Bender; Legend of the White Ninja

The prophecy has begun to take shape; the legend of the white ninja known as Weight Bender is emerging. After many years of absenteeism from karate class, the prodigal son has returned. My belt is so old and beaten the green resembles that of your grandmothers dirty old mossy knickers. I did contemplate replacing it with a shiny new green belt, but that would be taking the easy way out. I am determined to replace said belt with a purple belt earned from completing a secret ninja mission sent down from the Temple.

Criminals, and nare-do-wells be forewarned. I can see 360 degrees and with my martial arts mind know your next move before you are even thinking about getting your lazy busted ass out of bed. I hide in the shadows, can move with stealth and silent agility. I can and will karatesize your ass faster then a gutton overloads his plate at a Chinese buffet. I am here, I am there, I am nowhere, I am in the line at the very same Chinese buffet filling my plate knowing that I can go back for more when I’m done.

I am the White Ninja known as Weight Bender. HYYYYYYYYYYYYY-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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