Big Brother?

I know that half of you just found your way here thinking I was blogging about the show which shares a similar name, but you have been mistaken. Not on purpose, it really is the best title to top my current post.

I continually hear the rant of those that feel that the CBC, a government owned television / radio outlet which costs the tax payers 100s of millions of dollars a year should be privatized. I myself am on board and wish to share my views. I don’t really have to wish, since this is my blog.

How else is the government supposed to push it’s agenda and get it’s message out to the people. What government doesn’t have their own state television and newspaper to “educate” the masses? It seemed to work for the Taliban and China; why not Canada?

Oh, right… we need to conserve the Canadiana. Little Mosque on the Prairie, Corner Gas, Trailer Park Boys all help paint a picture that millions of dollars spent in any other way just can’t do. The historics are captured perfectly in the Road to Avonlea. The only thing CBC did right (past tense) was Hockey Night in Canada. They lost my vote when they let the HNIC theme song go to TSN. That is Canadiana, and TSN knew it. Good job CBC!

Unless the government intends on attaching microphones to our televisiosns to provide two-way communication, there really isn’t a need for us to own a television station.

Signging off,




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