Eric’s Academy of Music

Today we keep things rant-free. It’s Sunday and I have all week to deal with stupidity. I wanted to use today’s thoughts to promote a local business that I have recently come to work with. Eric’s Academy of Music.

After signing up with a handful of daily deal websites, I received an offer of actual value. No laser hair removals, no eye brow plucking… a voucher for music lessons from Eric’s Academy of Music in Orleans. FTW! Perfect, as I had a guitar wearing out the inside of a gig bag screaming to be wailed upon. I had been wanting to take lessons since the 90s Grunge-era and now I was finally going to rock. I would now lay down the air guitar in exchange for a proper axe.

I have already taken three classes, and wish I’d started earlier. Right from day 1 I began learning chords relative to songs I know and have an interest in playing. No Twinkle, Twinkle, no Jingle Bells. Metallica. Sweet. Since I am learning on acoustic, my choices are limited for easily playing Metallica, so I went  with Nothing else Matters. I learned the riff which was comprised of a few of the basic chords. From there I went to learning to play Wonder Wall. I’ve got the pieces of the track, I just need to string everything together. It’s pretty impressive how easy it is to learn when you have the right teacher. My teacher, Eric St-Cyr also happens to be the owner. Each class he showed me something new, yet added onto what I have previously learned. He kept my motivation high and for someone with the attention span of a 2 year-old riding a sugar high that says quite a bit. I haven’t yet learned the proper technique for crowd surfing or the most efficient methods for taking a guitar across a drum set but I trust in his teaching plans and look forward to the future.

For those of you looking to play guitar, or any other instrument, give Eric a call. Maybe we’ll end up forming a class bad together. Here is a list of names for us to mull over.

Liquid Stank
Your Mother’s Panties
Chamber of Boogers
Erectile Dysfunction

In the meantime, you can visit Eric’s Academy of Music online at or in person at:

Be sure to drop my name; I can’t guarantee you any form of a discount, but increasing my fan base will bring me one step closer to having my blog adapted into a major motion picture. Where do you think I’m gonna go for the soundtrack?!

Rock on,


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