Let’s Supplement!

Supplements are always a hot topic with any weight loss, training regime. Often, it is hard to judge the effectiveness of a supplement. I also take the placebo effect into account. Everyone has an opinion, a view, a stance; you could argue it’s downright political.

I’m not big into feeding myself cow nut juice or ground up monkey toe nail shavings; I like to stick to basics like vitamins, protein, glutamine and creatine. Ok, maybe the latter two aren’t actually basics, but since they are staples in the body building world, I consider them basic.

There is always a mixed message on vitamins. On one side, bodybuilders complain that drug store vitamins aren’t digested into the body effectively. They claimed that if you put the pill in vinegar it won’t properly dissolve and thus feel these pills are inadequate.I spoke to a number of pharmacists for the other side of the story. I was told that this message is incorrect. I was told that vitamins are approved by Health Canada and are therefore tested and one can be assured they are receiving the proper nutrients specified on the box.  I took the advice of the pharmacists as they have received years of specialized training in just this area. I went with the Life Brand Spectrum Protegra. When compared to the Centrum equivalent, there is no visible difference and I’m sure it’s safe to say Centrum actually makes the Life Brand Line which costs a bit less.

Protein is a given. The body uses protein to create muscle. Muscle used to bring down the English and to ensure I am the last man standing. Muscle is also the key to weight loss. The more muscle, the more fuel burned which equates to the more fat lost. My allegiance does not particularly lie with one brand. I always ask for advice as things are always changing.  I highly suggest mixing protein with almond milk to add a rich creamy texture that tastes great. Stick to low sodium, unsweetened brands. I use Blue Diamond Almond Breeze in the unsweetened version. My current protein I am using is Twin Labs 100% Whey Protein Fuel.

Creatine is easy, Purple K. This brand is found everywhere and seems to be the most effective. I have tried others and had the best results with this type of creatine. Purple K (Kre-Alkalyn) does not cause bloating, water retention and does not require a loading phase.

Glutamine, again I go for recommendation and cost. Glutamine is found in meat and is used to repair muscle and therefore assist recovery.  I am currenlty using Precision Tri-Glutamine Complex.

Now we have arrived at the bottom of the list, no pun intended. Body cleanse kits. Everything we do, eat, breath fills our body with toxins. The body is proven to work better when it is running cleaner. We also feel a million times better. I am not fond of heavy cleanses, and opt for a full body cleanse that is quite gentle and great for noobs. Renew Life First Cleanse. Two pills in the morning to clean out the whole body, and two pills at night for the, uh, lower end. Before you ask, no, it won’t have you running for the shitter. It will just help you be more regular. 80)

But, aside from all that… the key ingredient I am taking is WATER! Water is the key to everything. Weight loss, lubricating the body, toxin removal, peeing your name in the snow, blah blah blah… without water it matters not what you take or do, you will fail.

Pretty straight forward I think. Gotta run, feeling a bit parched.




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