Marketing Scam Alert! Bra Bag Thingie

Dear Ladies,

I have recently learned of a product scam that I would like to help others not get burned where it isn’t too late.


There are products on the market sold under false pretense that they are required to ensure that your brassiere (aka over the shoulder boulder holder) holds it’s shape while being washed.

Beg my pardon but the shape of the bra is retained each time you put on the bra, therefore nullifying the need for said product. You don’t see me washing my pants in a bum retaining bag do you? Nope, my pants are shaped to the meaty highly desired curves of my cheeks each time I pull up my pants.

We all grasp that women find it hard to resist accessorizing, but you’ve got to fight the evil powers of infomercials! I understand the enticement that a well placed slogan can create;  “You’re gonna love my jugs” surely is a home run. But please, this is a waste of money. We are gonna love your jugs regardless of the bag you washed your bra in. In the end, It’s only gonna wind up on the floor anyways.

I know some of you ladies are thinking..pfft men, he doesn’t realize they can get all tied up together. Well, I am wise beyond my years. This is where I throw in a dash of simplicity. Just stick to a normal laundry bag that you can fit all your sexy under things in. The granny panties, let’s keep those in with the regular wash, or burn them after each use.

In conclusion, this product although genius from a marketing prospective, is a product of financial waste. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to the store to find some sort of product who help my tube socks stay tubular whislt they are being washed.



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