Guitar Lesson the First

With high aspirations of biting the head off a bat and crowd surfing a booby filled mosh pit I took my first guitar lesson this evening. Although my dreams of a speaker destruction session were quickly shattered, I was happy with the content of lesson 1.

The main focus of the class was to learn 4 chords; G, C, D, Em. I know most of you are thinking I am headed to row row row my boat or chase after a little black sheep… Fugg that! I am learning Nothing Else Matters. Well, the intro contains some picking which is a bit advanced for week one, but I figure by week 2.5 I’ll get the hang of it, so I am left learning the verse for now.

The axe I am using for said lessons in Rock is a Norman B18 Cedar in left hand. You got it, a south paw. Just look out when I swing that bad boy upside a drum kit. It’s gonna be madness!!!

Rock on Wayne!

Party on Garth!




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