Is your name Ichabod?

Well? Likely it isn’t, and that is where the discussion begins. Today’s Fashion Faux-Pas Files brings about a rather serious message. Spatulas are not to be worn as shoes. This really is common sense. Still scratching your head? Take a look down at your footwear…. do they look like this?

I know mine don’t and you know why? Because I am not an elf, a clown nor is my name Ichabod Crane. I am also not vieing for the lead role of the Edward Spatulafeet movie.

You see kids, the fashion industry has a long kept secret that I am going to expose. Each year, the top fashion-folk gather round the preverbal water cooler to think of new ridiculous items of fashion in which to deem haute couture. The actual reasoning behind this is to see how many people they can sucker into these false trends. Remember the giant shag fur boots that essentially looked as though you had shoved your feet into a dead albino raccoons ass? Same thing. Designers gain points for the most outrageous creations as well as the trend that is created. What you have basically become is a fashion lemming.

Just remember that when you are running towards the edge of the cliff to pick up your feet extra high so you don’t trip over those flap jack flipping toes else you may never make it over the cliff.


The Headless Horseman


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