WKA World Championships Scotland 2010

I felt it was important for me to maintain my trip “home”. Last October, I traveled to Scotland to compete in the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) World Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland where I captured Silver. This entry maintains the historical account of my trip, unedited, just as they were written.

Friday, October 22, 2010

En Route

Looking at the flight map cycling on the seat in front of me, it would appear as though we have almost crossed the Atlantic en route to Heathrow Airport. Although my MacBook, which appears to show that it is still 11:30pm, the revolving map clarifies that it is actually 2:30am tomorrow. My circadian rhythm and I are going to spend the next 24 hours battling one another. That ends the first, of what I hope is many entries documenting my trip to the Motherland. And now, time for a special meal. Hopefully it’s better then the attempt at spaghetti that was served at supper.

Saturday, September 23, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 has begun; the amazement that I am finally home has still not sunken on. Although it has only been less then 24 hours since I stepped foot on Scottish soil it feels like I have come to where I am supposed to be. Up at 6:30am for a 5km jog through the wet and rainy quiet streets gave me time to get a ground look at the city free from the hustle and bustle that awaits any Saturday. An additional bonus to such a run is sweating of the last few 1/100ths of a kilogram needed to make weight. Team Canada weigh-in takes place tonight from 6pm-9pm. I still have not yet been kilted; the “economic” kilts I had read good reviews on prior to my trip were to cheap. I know, sounds funny as a Scot saying something is to cheap. I will search today for a proper kilt. Kilted aside, I have given haggis a try and will admit that for something that is comprised of the liver, kidney and lungs of a sheep; it tastes pretty good. I’m also happy said sheep didn’t smoke. Today we hope to visit Edinburgh Castle, Mary King’s Close and eventually eat actual food. Oh, and I am in love with Scottish woman. The accent kills me. I guess this explains why the ladies love Sir Sean Connery so much.

Official Weight 89.1 Kg

A Starbucks Via, 1 package of Alpine Meusli with milk and a few sips of water had to last me running +5km in the cold and rain, touring Edinburgh Castle, and standing in line for 2 hours at what has been the most unorganized event I have ever attended. I have seen better organization from that second drawer we all keep in our kitchen with everything we don’t know what to do with, but think we will use it as soon as tomorrow. And with that I am happy to say I successfully made my weight category, weighing in at 89.1kg. Post weigh-in meal was Chinese buffet, which I will admit was quite nice. I am drinking water like it’s going out of style… and I do it with style. I visited Edinburgh Castle today; pics are coming. I think I have found my kilt. It is from what appears to be a reputable kilt maker and not a tourist kilt maker. I will pick it up Wednesday unless I find negative feedback on this kilt maker. The internet brings no feedback which is weird, but essentially good. I have only seen two kilts worn in public in my time here; one a lonely piper, and the second a man headed home from the pub. I have also witnessed what instincts told me was a zombie attack but later concluded it to be drunken night club patrons. In Canada there is always that one girl, or that one guy that is so sloppy drunk you can’t help but laugh. In Scotland, seems like 50% of them are like that one guy/girl. The next stop on my travels is St. Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife. I will also be taking in fish n’ chips on the tour lunch but will be holding off on the deep fried mars bar until after my competition has ended. It’s 2:36am, and I’m off to bed. Tomorrow night after the World Championships opening ceremony, I will post pics of the trip thus far.

Sunday, September 24, 2010

King and Course

Stepping foot on the Swilcan Bridge along the Old Course at St. Andrews where Champion and heathen alike have made their way to the 18th green is a dream come true for any golfer. I would have loved to walk the course, but did not have the time. I did walk part of 18, and returned to the clubhouse via 1. There was no removing the smile on my face I will admit. Prior to visiting the center of the universe for all golfers, we began today’s bus tour with a stop to Dunfermline Abbey; the final resting place of Sir Robert The Bruce. Interestingly enough, we are Clan mates of the Royal House of Stewart and therefore I may be actual royalty. I managed to track down a magic 8 ball and all signs pointed to yes. My trip to Dunfermline also granted my recurring wish of fresh scones with butter. Nobody cooks lard and flour like the Scots. Today, for the first time in history, Edinburgh Castle was opened to an event such as the World Kickboxing Championships opening ceremonies. We were led into the depths of the castle to be piped out of the main entrance and into the Esplanade for the opening greeting and a martial arts demonstration by two of the worlds best kata martial artists. Tonight I sleep, then again why wouldn’t I… I’m not an owl. Tomorrow morning I fight for country. Hoping I get to fight the English like my forefathers did before me. Isn’t it every Scots’ dream to fight an Englishmen on Mother soil? Heck, even if I have to push some booger nosed English kid into a puddle in the parking lot when his mother isn’t looking I will.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canada Robbed of Gold!

It is bound to happen. It is awful when it happens to you. When it happens twice it is an outrage. One of our Canadian Team kickboxers was robbed of full contact Gold just hours ago, and yesterday was robbed of the opportunity to fight for light contact Gold. When you fight a German, and two ring referees are German, and 2 of the judges are also German odds are working against you. I have yet to hear the rational, but Canada dominated the second and third rounds. In addition, the German received a yellow card (warning) in each of the second and third rounds, and was knocked down 3 times. Even after contesting the decision, nothing was changed. I am sure this discussion is far from over. Tonights full contact finals brought to you buy Ridiculousness. Despite the stupidity, we did take home 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze in Full Contact (Men’s). As for me, I fought point or karate fighting for those of you not in the “know”. 80) I won my first fight, but lost the second to a fellow Canadian. Tomorrow, I fight last years Gold medal champion for Light Contact gold, and it is my intent to bring the Gold back to Canada. It is also my intent to bring home a kilt to Canada. I am picking up my kilt tomorrow morning. I will then become One and a Half Men! As for Scotland; the food is amazing. Much of what I have eaten has been pasta as it seems there is a connection between the Scots and the Italians showed by the copious amounts of Italian restaurants everywhere you look.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dot My Aye’s, Cross My Tee’s

The checklist is almost complete. Not my packing checklist, that is a different list altogether; actually I am almost packed. My list of things to see and do is pretty much complete. I never made it to Mary King’s Close but I managed to get to St. Andrew’s, see where Robert the Bruce lays, see Edinburgh and Stirling Castle, visit the coffee shop where Harry Potter was written, get a kilt, make weight, win a medal, beat the English (twice being the added bonus!). I also gave haggis a try, had a couple dram of Scotch, ate a pizza supper with sauce and salt, sampled various chocolate bars and other candies not available in Canada. I love Edinburgh and will be back! I sadly never made it to Glasgow ‘cept for the 20 minute tour bus leg through the downtown. One thing I thought could happen has half happened. I knew that the risk of me talking with a Scottish accent was possible, but it seems I haven’t as of yet. What has happened is the thinking inside my head is Scottish if that makes an sense. When I think about something, more importantly about saying something the inner monologue is Scottish. If I were to not fight it when it comes out, I would lose my Canadian accent. This will likely be my second last post under “Trip to Scotland” as I fly out in the morning. I am currently back at the hotel for a shower and a wee nap before heading out to watch the rest of the finals in which Canada will go for more GOLD!

Farewell Bonnie Scotland!

A few short sleep filled hours and I will be on my way home. I have had an amazing trip, I have always dreamt of coming here to fight on Scottish soil and I have done just that. I have always wanted to see the castles that hold the stories that have been told on the big screen. Everything I have wanted to do on this trip has pretty much been done. I have left nothing on the list of things I need to do. The WKA World Championships has ended for another year with much debate on where we will be headed next year, or the following year. There is word Greece will host next year which I will sit out. If it ends up being on Canadian soil next year I will compete. CSMA (Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy) finished with 46 medals after all was said and done; more then any other Canadian school. See you all soon enough, as I travel back in time tomorrow. Cheers, and thanks for the support!!! Scott

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Silver in Scotland!

It would seem I have lost a page in my blog somewhere over the past couple of days so I’ll just have to wing it. It would also seem that in the excitement of being in Scotland I forgot to mention that I won Silver in Men’s -90Kg Light Contact Kickboxing. I fought a good fight against an opponent who was a strong fighter; he was last years light contact and point fighting World Champion. What I took away from the fight was a few things I need to work on, like throwing more body shots and using my kicks more. Thanks again to all those who followed my adventure to Scotland, I hope you enjoyed the ride. I know I did!


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