With everything we do, there is purpose. Perhaps an argument could be made that staring off into space, or not paying attention while someone is correcting you / bitching about something pointless bears no purpose, but it is there, you just have to look. You could always not look because in the end sometimes that in itself serves no actual purpose.

I know you are already wondering where I am headed or what is so deep in my psyche (I’ve never had to write that word in a sentence before) that has me in a “mood” to tear the world a new one, but worry not. I am just here to define the purpose of this blog.

This is now my fourth post but could argue that it really is the second that has contained some meat. Let’s do this, if my posts are long enough to provide some reading material for your trip to the lavatory, then we shall consider them posts. If they are not longer then the time it takes to break wind, we will simply call them “messages of the moment”. (See that, I don’t always have to be crass, I could have used the words “shitter” and “unleash the demons from within”)

Now that we have clarified the definition of posts, let’s clarify why we are here. Those who know me and have followed me on Facebook know that I love the status update. I can rant, look for feedback, query advice, find out the right spices to cook a dead animal I find roadside, and hopefully enlighten and bring a smile to the readers day and perhaps along the way open their mind to a new level of thinking. Sometimes that level falls far below the contexts of what society deems normal, but if at the end of the day you have never been there, is it not still a new level? Essentially, having a blog allows me to remove the constraints of conveying my message in 420 characters or less, 140 for Twitter (@runthewrldonmac). Facebook offers a workaround called the “note” but who the hell reads those anyways? If it ain’t in the news feed, I don’t see it or read it. It’s that simple. A blog also allows me to convey a deeper message without fear of reprise from some internet-nazi who feels my messages or ideas are inappropriate; you click the link to view my log, or register it in your RSS feeder unlike a status update that is right up in your junk. Does this mean I will attempt to keep my status updates cleaner, and more family-friendly? Perhaps to some extent, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

So, we are off. We have defined purpose. Whether I am correcting stupidity, saving the world from impending disaster such as a zombie attack or ranting about my travels on public transit; I hope you will take a few minutes of your day to embrace the messages I share with you all and take the opportunity to share this gift with those around you.

Please share this blog with those you think can use my sage advice or those who share my clarity of the world.





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